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Dec '10

Planning For Hawaii.

Nice to wake up in my own bed.

Nice to have had cocktails with Swanda after posting yesterday’s blog early so that my Amtrak attendant could read it before she headed back to Los Angeles this morning.

Nice to have plans for New Year’s Eve at Swanda’s to watch the ball drop – no, not Swanda’s, New York City’s celebration.

Nice to have all the Happy New Year cards mailed.

Nice to have company coming to make me straighten the house while MoonSong cleans.

Nice to have Johnnie come for dinner and stay the night in the office.

Nice that Johnnie and I are on the same page about the Hawaii trip. Waikiki, close to the surfing portion of the beach, needs to have a kitchenette so we can prepare most meals.

Nice to be getting away from the winter grey weather – 9 days starting January 30th.

Nice to get round-trip from Bellingham to Honolulu for $325.00

Nice to be able to upgrade that fare to First Class with coupons.

Nice to go to bed in your own bed.


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