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Jan '11


Slept in, missed the Macy’s New Year’s Parade – it was on, I was just asleep on Swanda’s roll-away.

Housewarming (only took them three years to do it) at Mark and Kassi’s place – oddly, it seemed like EVERYONE showed up right at 2pm.

Next on the docket was a gourmet vegetarian dinner at BoktiShakti’s place further west on Rose Street. Dinner for twelve with pre-dinner entertainment of punching holes in the drywall of an upstairs room that is going to be renovated… I went for more fun after dinner and succeeded in stripping the entire room of its drywall – it wasn’t put on very well, and to beat that, it was only ¼” thick. Nice way to get that New Year’s anger out.

And in the spirit of the New Year, I’d like to pass on this request for funding from my friend Vanessa who lives in Portland (OR, not ME)…

You can see more details of the project HERE.

May your New Year be filled with dreams fulfilled.



2 Responses to “2011.1.1”

  1. Swanda Says:

    My friend – Macy’s does Thanksgiving in NYC.

    New Year’s Day is the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadina, California. This was the 122nd year of the parade and the floats are sponsored by various companies, clubs and cities.

    And now we move along…

  2. markso Says:

    I guess that if I was awake I would have known that….