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Jan '11

Pre-Trip Day.

Salamander Saves The Day.

Stayed up late, took a pill, slept late… it always messed with the day.

The day is all about packing and kvetching about the trip. Do you ever have that “black cloud” feeling about an upcoming trip… I’d like to blame it on not getting an upgrade to 1st Class, but I think it’s more than that. I could cancel and get the money back no questions asked… but $221.40 to Boston (and back)… the miles, the friends, the hell of coach class on a six hour flight.

Maybe this “mileage whore” thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Picked up Salamander at his office – left Casa de Rose South Park at 4:30pm and was to the UDistrict and back in the hood a little before 5:30pm. Oh, the joys of a return trip in the carpool lane (espress lanes on the way out)… I think I need a blow up Salamander doll to keep in the car for commute time.

I grilled tonight… the first time in at least 3-4 months…. I opened the grill (luckily before I left to pick him up) and found it… well, less than ready to go. Moldy would more be the answer – guess I’d better leave the door and flu open for the rest of the winter. A couple of hours worth of hot coals, heat, and scraping, and it was fit to cook on…

Country style pork ribs marinated in a nice hot/vinegar sauce, a big salad, and fresh Bermuda pearl onion bread done up as pull apart rolls. YUM.

Salamander stayed an hour later than planned (the 10:19 bus rather than the 9:19 bus) so we could watch a few compressed videos from my 8mm to DVD collection… I really need to organize that collection better!

The leftover rolls have been stuffed with the leftover port and cream cheese from the appetizer and are now freezing to tomorrow’s flight. I figure they will be thawed about the time I’m hungry after the breakfast at the Board Room.

Is it too late to cancel?



2 Responses to “Pre-Trip Day.

Salamander Saves The Day.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    So did you cancel or did you go? You’ve never shared that kind of doubt before.

  2. markso Says:

    Jill is due in a few….Boston here I come.