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Jan '11

Cambridge To Belmont.

With A Wee Bit Of Arlington Thrown In.

Maybe it’s the weather that makes me sleep in on the East Coast. By the time I got up at 10:30, Jill was getting ready to shove off to visit friends and friends children leaving me with the late morning and early afternoon “at leisure” as they say in the travel brochures. Plenty of time to reprogram my spare MP3 player for Jill’s return trip (she forgot her Zune), figure out how to finally get my phone to sync with my Exchange server contacts/calendar, strip and remake the guest bed, put away the clean dishes, add the dirty ones, and get all the soiled linens into the laundry basket.

Pucci showed up at 3:30, just after Jill returned to the apartment – and off we went to Whole Paycheck and Cambridge Wine and Spirts. The 12-year-old Macallan was on sale for $39.95 which was all I was planning on buying, but then a bottle of Germain-Robin brandy caught my eye… damn, there goes another $23.99 (down from $29.99).

Cocktails at 5:30 with Pucci, his GF, me… before dinner at Netta’s place in Arlington. Lamb shanks over couscous, which was supposed to go with a Caesar salad – except Pucci forgot to make that in all the excitement over the lamb.

The large Le Creuset pot on the right side of the stove used to belong to Julia Child – sent from the company to Julia as a promotional item. Netta used to work as her archivist and found it in the basement of her house. Julia’s comment… “you want it, take it, the damn thing weighs a ton.” That French Oven held 10 lamb shanks and all the fennel and garbanzo beans, rosemary, the works.

What a meal, even without the salad. So much for greens today.

Pucci grabbed all the bones to make a lamb stock for tomorrows pork dinner which will include a whiskey reduction sauce.

Nightcaps, and then to bed.

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One Response to “Cambridge To Belmont.

With A Wee Bit Of Arlington Thrown In.”

  1. Melba Toast Says:

    Hey Markie, email me your Rose St. address, ok? Apparently in a fit of tidiness I recycled the lovely ‘convivial host’ card you sent. Have fun in Boston.