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Jan '11

My Day.

Maid brings paper to me in bed, but doesn’t put coffee on. Does a great job and goes away for two weeks.

Coffee on.

Breakfast and one section of the paper.

Lunch. Business opportunity, or counseling, or both.


Whack and nap.

Book “bonus time” 2-bedroom at Discovery Bay before Victoria next week.

Shop for a dual burner griddle. Will check Cabella.

Cocktails and trip planning with Swanda.

Dinner with Swanda.

Pack for Bay Area trip tomorrow.

Annoy friends on internet.

My day.

And if you are interested, here is the Vacation Dollar count on TripAlertz:

Your Trip Cash: $40

If you want to send me (and maybe you if we get it to $300) on a trip: here is the link to run that number up:



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  1. Kate Gowins Says:

    TMI Markie, TMI