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Jan '11

In The Air, On The BART, In The Basement.

Up at 6… shit/shower/shave, drive to the apartment, leave car in garage with forged parking pass, get on light rail to the airport, check in bag, breeze trough security, have a couple of drinks and a couple of bagels, settle into 1st class sitting next to another gay guy… well I assume, and I think he assumed as well.

Circling SFO because of weather…. “Can I get another scotch on the rocks?”

Bart to Ashby station – emergency hot dog stop… the cheese and fruit platter on the plane was nice, but not enough.

Ride to the house – home again. I think they like me because I only stay 4-5 days, and then leave, rather than several months.

Unpack computer, log on, clean up, take a nap.

Tonight’s plan is eating out… I’ve brought frozen protein, but it’s a stretch for me to cook on my first night in town, even though the dining time at Chez Berkeley is 8pm… off to Pasta Premadoro in Emeryville for dinner:

Frankly, we ALL need to get out of the house, especially the boys who work from home. Thanks Mark for the great cell phone photo.

Stayed up way too late… good luck for me getting up early in the morning.

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