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Jan '11

Veal Picata And More.

Man these boys don’t get up early… they work late, but not early… it’s catching.

Visits to M. Lowe and Company to get the bling cleaned… finally got the mustard acidization off the Brahma Bull ring I have (and found another one), no Western Electric phontes at the thrift stores, but a nice visit with Pat and Bry…. How many years have I known them? More than I want to count.

Today’s project… the Uncle Markie Laptop table… which could be used as a lap board, though I’m not sure the drinks would survive…..

I like the drink holder placements…. Diet Coke for one, Whiskey for the other. And with its items in place….

I like the phrase “Mouse Area 51″…

And then there is the dinner than Onyx made, a lovely veal picatta….. does the good food never end?

Good wine, good friends, what more do you need….

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