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Jan '11

Of Accordians And Pesto.

Today’s odd adventure starts at 2pm with the monthly meeting of the San Francisco Accordion Club at the Oyster Point Yacht Club. I thought it was going to be a concert with half a dozen performers… which it was, AFTER the business part of the club meeting with introductions of the guests…. Odd. It sort of felt like an AA meeting that had a bar attached to it. Actually I looked at the Yacht Club’s calendar, and sure enough, there is an AA meeting there on Wednesdays. As an aside, from the quantity of booze they pour into their drinks, I don’t wonder why they have that Wednesday meeting – there must have been three shots in my Jack Daniels on the rocks (and only about 4 cubes). The Colonel Eric would like this place.

My friend Skylar sent the invitation to this Accordion Event to here FaceBook friends – which might account for the LARGE turnout for a monthly club meeting, AND for the age range of the audience… 21 to 91. Here is a shot of some of the performers – Sklyer is the one on the ground:

She is also featured in the 2011 Accordion Pin-up Girl Calendar:












Needless to say, I bought the calendar… and got three of the woman to autograph their photos.

Next stop was dinner with Alicia and Devon – a wonderful meal of pasta with fresh homemade pesto, some wonderful cheeses, a nice salad, good wine, port and chocolates afterwards – and great conversation throughout…. Not a bad way to live.

Back to Seattle tomorrow.

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