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Jan '11

The Joys of Nexus.

Or Would This Be Modern Monday.

Out of the house around eleven to deliver the Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar to the girls… it turns out we are going to be in Hawaii at the same time, and within a block or so of each other. How funny. How cool.

Got to the border about 2:30 after a nice little chat with the duty-free woman… when I travel with friends they are amused that she always recognizes me, but then again, I’m mostly headed north during the week.

Got to love that Truck Border Crossing in the Nexus lane… no one in front of me, and a 20 minute wait in the regular lanes. Think back to last week for a comparison.

Groceries at Safeway (forgot soda), wine and cider (for my guest tonight) at the liquor store, then off to the WorldMark at the Canadian for two nights of Canadian (not Club) R&R. I must do this trip a lot since the woman at the front desk also recognizes me and doesn’t even ask for photo ID when checking me in these days. This trips unit? One of the nicest as far as layout: 1907.

This unit just has a more spacious feel about it, maybe it’s the two entrances into the dining area.

Tonight is date night in the big city and the meal is fillets (2) of red snapper, that we really only needed (1), but they were two for one, so the remainder will go on the appetizer tray tomorrow, steamed snow peas, salad, bread and a nice bottle of 2010 Beaujolais Nouveau. Dinner guest was a Saudi Muslim, but apparently not strict about the alcohol since he had hard cider before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner.

Sent him on his way around ten.

NEWS FLASH: After I sent him home (which is about 3 blocks from the condo) I got online to book a cross-Canada train trip in a sleeper. Basically, fly to Toronto, get on the train, get off the train four days later. Needed to book by tomorrow to get 50% off the rail fare but unfortunately not 50% off the sleeper for one, so it was still just shy of $1200. The air wasn’t a problem, I could use miles for that on United. And I also needed to book a trip to Portland in mid-March before the 20% off sale on long distance trains ends (though I always get 10% off with my AAA card).

I couldn’t bring myself to do either one of them. Yikes. I must be worried about finances, especially if I’m about to invest in another business project. Now THAT’s a NEWS FLASH.


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Or Would This Be Modern Monday.

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