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Jan '11

Catching Up From Travel.

After Some Travelling.

Out of the condo at 10:30, through the border with duty-free (and three people in front of me in line) by 11:30, stopping for gas and groceries at the Safeway in Mount Vernon – some of the cheapest gas in NW Washington, and an interesting set of items on the 50% off rack:

  • Adhesive remover
  • Maxum ultra thin condoms
  • Boy Bleach Blonde kits

Maybe I’ll go blonde again, but I know ONE of my friends will want it/them – 50% off, couldn’t pass the stuff up. Also stocked up on protein.

The plan was a steak for dinner, but then I invited Dancing Bear… who then invited Maximus, so the final meal was a meatloaf made from ground lamb and veal (the veal from today’s shipping, the lamb from the freezer and another 30% off package), asparagus, salad, fresh bread (done as a standard loaf – figured if there were leftovers, sandwiches could be had).

By nine, the winds that had brought the boys, whisked them away, and I started on getting files together for the upcoming events and trips. My favorite find was for tomorrow night’s cocktail party (and sleepover) at the Camlin – this vintage postcard image. THANKS to http://www.vintageseattle.org for posting the image:

The image is from the remodel in 1960, done in anticipation of the World’s Fair in 1962. More information on the Camlin and it’s history on tomorrow’s post.

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After Some Travelling.

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