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Jan '11

Cocktails At The Camlin.

Oysters At The Brooklyn.

Nightcaps And Sleepover At The Camlin.

Spent the day puttering around the house trying to get ready for this evening (and finishing the “Memory Book” for the cocktail party) and planning for the next couple of upcoming trips – Hawaii and the Trans-Canada ViaRail trip.

Started running pre-party errand a little before 3pm – and the first one was a bust – Trident Seafood, former Port Chatham Seafood which I had a nice coupon for, had a sign on the door – back at 3:30… really, so much for you making THAT sale.

Next up, AAA for Hawaii maps, then Grocery Outlet for the poo-poo platter for the penthouse at the Camlin, the cleaners for shirts, the apartment for mice (computer, not live or frozen) – and a thankful ride from Swanda to the Camlin to I didn’t have to drive to the Camlin, dump my stuff, go back to the apartment, bus back to the Camlin… all to avoid $29 for valet parking. THANKS SWANDA FOR GIVING UP YOUR PRINCESS PARKING FOR ME!

My luck this month in WorldMark properties is still with me – the Cirrus Penthouse (part of the former Cloud Room) is I think the nicer of the two penthouses (or is it three)… nice walk around balcony, better room layout than the Nimbus next door, or was it the Cumulus… can’t remember – so I had to check, I was in the Nimbus on February 1st of 2010 for yet another cocktail party.

Natasha showed up a little after 6, and was properly “wowed” by the suite. After an hour of cocktails and chat it was off to The Brooklyn for oysters and vodka… and whatever else we found…

But before I get to dinner, Natasha was in the loo when the waiter came by for drink orders… and I ordered the Vodka Oyster sampler ($13) for each of us, but before it got to the table, the waiter swung by to say that someone had bought us the first round of drinks! Nice! Only a couple of people knew that’s where I was for dinner, could have been someone on the staff knowing I’m a big spender when I’m there.

Back to dinner… after the Vodka Oyster sampler (four different mini-shots of vodka, paired with four different oysters), we order a couple of half dozens of oysters, before starting in on an ensalada caprese, tuna tartare, and a rabbit confit, which we shared, all of which are on the “small plates” section of the menu. Having polished those off, we added the Seafood Volcano before calling it quits. Yum, been a long time since I’d been to The Brooklyn, too long.

After waiting for security to let Natasha’s car out of the garage (missed closing by 30 minutes) she dropped me back at the Camlin where Fluffernutter and Josh were waiting for me. And the answer to the question of who bought the cocktails… Fluffernutter. Seems he a Josh were dining further back in the restaurant, totally on chance – they were driving by and were hungry, and The Brooklyn has valet parking. Mystery solved!

Since the penthouse includes robes – my first task (after fixing a drink) was to get comfortable… though apparently rather quickly…

Stayed up too late chatting, but it was good to see the boys.


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Oysters At The Brooklyn.

Nightcaps And Sleepover At The Camlin.

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