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Feb '11

Laundry Day.

Something about travelling means you spend the day after your return doing laundry… load after load. Clean sheets, clean shirts, socks, the works.

And making bread for a dinner with Swanda tonight:

Yes, the rolls sort of look like dog turd. The fact that they are rye doesn’t help the look any. But tasty.

Before dinner was picking up a package – a new monitor for the living room server. Now if I can just find a driver to use it in the vertical position.

Speaking of dinner – here is part of a decimated steak, the cole slaw already gone.

I’d originally planned on making bar-b-qued chicken (in the oven), but Swanda pleaded for steaks after this trip to CanadaLand and the condo in Victoria shared with a pescatarian… he was jonezing for some dead cow. I actually took this picture send to Bug (the non-pescatarian guest).

No time for Yuke lessons tonight.


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