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Feb '11


Today is all about making a poker game that I haven’t been to in a couple of months….

My job is to get out of the house about 1pm before the traffic gets bad. And hit Safeway in Lacey on the way. And gas.

I’m cooking dinner tonight for Curt and I, and we are both wishing that Dave who used to live upstairs from Curt would come to dinner – but he is in Cambodia serving with the Peace Corps… a noble cause, teaching English as they don’t want to deploy lawyers in 3rd world countries to teach US style law.

There is a great link to his experience in Cambodia at:

Dave’s Cambodia Album!

And to think, I was thinking of a posting in the Peace Corp – I’m guessing that marketing guys get city assignments – that turtle soup scared the crap out of me (well, that and the bathroom scene – been there, done that).

Dinner was chicken thighs in BBQ sauce in the oven, some coleslaw, some bog turd rolls, lots of Curt’s good wine.

Life hard.


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