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Feb '11

License Plate Project.

Taxes & Tamales.

Happy VD.

Finally figured out how to hang my small, but growing, collection of license plates.

After I took the picture I realized I should put two rings between them so there is a little more space between.

Had to run to the Eastside because my bank, in it’s infinate wisdom, sent me a new debit/cash card — with a useless PIN number, and the only way to fix it was going to the bank and having them reprogram it — seems anyone who had aa custom PIN number on their card, when they got their new cards, it reverted to their old non-cusomt PIN. They SAY they have fixed the problem — remind me in three years when it’s time for another replacement.

Tax update… got all the statements in date order.

Dinner update … invited myself to Jim and Suzes for a Tamale Dinner. Yet another evening of not having to cook in my own kitchen.


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Taxes & Tamales.

Happy VD.

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