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Feb '11

Priest In The Hot Tub.

A little further along in taxes… have highlighted all the business/home deductions on the statements, next step, getting them into the spreadsheet. Now I just need to find the Smith Barney end-of-year 1099 form since it wasn’t in the 4 inch high stack of crap from them over the last year.

Solus (The Priest in question) was scheduled for a 2pm arrival, then it moved to 4pm, and he showed up at 5pm. Today is his first day as a retired priest – and nothing says retirement like a nice steak dinner, a little cole slaw, some fresh out of the oven bread….

And the delay allowed me to get his bed cleared off, and 5 or 6 more “travel books” printed and bound. Even got the kitchen tidied up.

Baked two loaves and we took one of loaves to Missy (end of the block from me) who is recovering from cancer surgery… she looked amazingly good for someone who had a massive growth and a bunch of other parts removed.

No picture today… I guess I could have taken a picture of all the luggage stacked up, marked:

  • Portland
  • Boston
  • Chicago

All packed a ready to go.


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