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Feb '11

Sunny Saturday.

Butt Cold.

Taxes in the mail to the CPA. Two days ahead of schedule… my plan was to get them in the mail before leaving for Ireland on Tuesday.

A call and a flour delivery from Jeff – which is good because I was down to about three pounds. Tonight is bread done all the way in the bread maker I bought yesterday – the test to see if the heating element actually works… which I’m happy to say that it does. I don’t like the style of loaf it makes, but will be OK for toast in the morning.

Dinner tonight was with DancingBear – a vertically roasted chicken stuffed with limes, rice, gravy from the drippings (DB made that, not me, not my specialty, but damn good), and a salad so we at least had some greens.

I had forgotten that there was a Sauna Night party for those faeries not going to the Winter Breitenbush Gathering… and it was just down the street.

Now THIS is one colorful burka!

I missed the spa mud session, but did manage to get in a nice steam. Nice way to end the evening before strolling home.


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Butt Cold.

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