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Feb '11

Really, A Sunny Sunday.

Wow, A Full Weekend Of Cold Sunny Weather.

Clean up the place, run to the Eastside to drop off a check (thanks Swanda), and come home to… chicken stock, lots of chicken stock. Between deboning in the morning, in the fridge for 8 hours to get the fat to the top for skimming, and taking a break from programming a website to skim and put it into containers to freeze overnight… a day a greasy hands (well, not the programming part). The containers in the freezer are filled with ½ cup of stock – making them perfect for only having to unthaw what you need. In my case that would be one puck per 1# batch of challah.

What I can’t believe about today is that I spent 5 hours trying to program this PayPal interface so that come summer, the Radical Faeries can pay for summer camp online. My problem is that I need to host the button so that I can have three distinct items on the invoice:

  • A variable amount $50-$350 that the user fills in
  • A drop down menu with either $0 for no bedding, $16 for single bedding, or $22 for double bedding
  • A $10 convenience fee that goes on everyone’s invoice.

Didn’t get it to work, still researching, and tomorrow I’ll see if I can do it from the registration side. Good thing this isn’t due for a couple of months!

In the midst of all that, the leftover salad from last night and a reasonable sized (unlike most of the others in the freezer) steak, a little red wine, and back to coding.

Luckily I’m pretty much packed for Ireland.



2 Responses to “Really, A Sunny Sunday.

Wow, A Full Weekend Of Cold Sunny Weather.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    How long will you be gone?

  2. markso Says:

    Back next Monday… short trip.