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Feb '11

Monday With The Mon Senior.

Another day of dealing with chicken stock (and the leftover meat with broth for a soup dish), dealing with trying to get an event registration process working, dealing with those last minute packing things, and trying to arrange to cook dinner for someone who I don’t know their arrival time.

But in the mist of this, a video, courtesy of Jimmy, that I finally got around to watching. Here, in tribute to all my friends in Portland, and to Vava Pussy who just completed a KickStarter $10K round of funding, I give you Portlandia….

Dinner tonight with Solus (a.k.a. the Mon Senior) is pork chops smothered in spicy Cajun BBQ sauce, some steamed asparagus, a salad, a little body of Christ, a little blood of Christ.

Damn fine.

Unlike my 4:45am trip to the airport tomorrow morning. I passed on the offer of a $745 upgrade to first class… one that would have been free if I still had my United Premier status… yes, there is a reason I fly for no reason just to keep status on airlines.

I’ve packed both buffalo and squid jerky for the “emergency coach supplies”.


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