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Feb '11

Long Day In The Air.

Why, why, why… why do I book these early flights…. And I have one next week as well.

Out of bed at 4am, while Solus slept. Cab booked for 4:30am. Checked in for the Seattle-Newark-Dublin flight and hit the Board Rom for three bagels and a really weak cocktail.

The flight to Newark I moved across the aisle after we took off to have the seat next to me open. Nice when that happens. Might have caught an hour of sleep. It didn’t seem worth $745 to upgrade to Business/First that they offered.

Arrived Newark a little after three, with plenty of time for lunch, duty-free shopping, and laying around the terminal reading The New Yorker.

The flight to Dublin was even nicer in the seat category… I had three to myself and managed to get a couple of hours of fitful sleep. I would have gotten more, but they had a solitaire game on the seat back display, and we know how I love my solitaire.

Nothing like waking up on another continent.

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