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Feb '11

My Day In Pictures.

Arrive Dublin 6:45… on the curb with Mindy the Amazing at 7:30… and she ISN’T a morning person.

I love visiting Jeff and Mindi… I get to take over their kitchen for such things as eggs and toast for breakfast followed by a shit, shower, shave, and a four hour nap.

But here is my day in pictures:

PRE-Dinner…at CrackChicken, a”pop-up” restaurant (only open for three months in a super cheap vacant storefront) which I forgot to grab the menu from.. damn

Post Dinner chicken bone pile. Total tab for three with a bottle of wine and 2 beers… 55 Euro. Not bad.

The mad crush at the bar before the cabaret:

And a video of part of the performance:

Then cabbed it back to the house for a couple of nightcaps while talking of the days to come. Sorry for the quality of the shots – dark bar, camera phone, you see the problems.

Belfast mini-trip has been moved from tomorrow to Sunday when Ian has he day off.

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