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Mar '11

Overcast In Illinois.

For some reason I’m out of bed way too early – is it possible that I’m still under the affects of travel —- that my body know not what time zone it’s in?

A lazy morning around the condo, eggs and English muffins for breakfast before heading out to explore the surrounding areas and pick up supplies for a pupu platter which meant starting at WalMart (not my favorite but I also needed supplies from the pharmacy) and finding a $10 cutting board (not that I needed one) packed with a round of Gouda, a box of crackers and a length of salami – which basically was $10 of supplies with a bamboo cutting board thrown in for free.

Next stop was the Antique Mall between Galena and the resort. It’s a great place to stay if you need to stock up on your Sambo and Mammy items. Personally I got a pair of US Navy coveralls ($3.75), a couple of license plates ($4.00 for a pair), and four items for Swanda which I won’t describe since I know he reads the blog…. Just think Swanda – FOUR items for your apartment!

Next stop was Elizabeth – 8 miles beyond the condo, looking for more junk stores, thought I’d save downtown Galena for when the kids get here. No antiques in Elizabeth that I could find, but I did find a Chicago Hot Dog restaurant (loaded dog and fries $3.50) before heading back to the condo for a nap.

The kids arrived just after three (and just after I’d gotten up from the nap). It’s only been five years since I last saw them at their wedding in Jamaica (the one where the body washed up on the beach several hours after the ceremony). They are looking good.

Speaking of good, Joe took this panoramic photo of the view from the deck:

Yes, it is a tad overcast, but at least it isn’t raining or snowing (both predicted). Here is a shot into the condo from the deck that I found amusing:

We are in a two-bedroom corner unit on the top floor so we get the vaulted ceilings and two fireplaces – one that is a see through from the small bedroom to the living room, and the other which is a see through from the master bedroom into the master bath, right over the Jacuzzi soaking tub. I might have to do a walking video tour tomorrow.

Dinner was a pork roast over a bed of root vegetable, salad, wine – totally forgot the bread – and totally forgot to put out the pupu platter as well.

There is always tomorrow… after the Marti Gras parade at 5:30pm.

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