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Mar '11

Ants In The Machine.

The Ice Machine That Is.

Up early because I’ve got an 11am meeting in Queen Anne with the Boltage(tm) folks. Nice to see that project moving forward again.

Was sitting eating breakfast when I heard a key in the front door lock, that’s right, MoonSong is cleaning this Wednesday. I tend to lose track of which Wednesday is Cleaning Wednesday when I’m on the road so much.

This morning I decided to add a day to my Olympia overnight and head down to Seaside to see the boy since a) he’s available for a rare overnight and b) there is room at the WorldMark Seaside for $35 + taxes ($43 total). Guess I’d better bill a couple of hours to cover the condo and gas to get down there.

Good meeting at 11 — lots of marching orders and my first hands-on look at the prototype which means I can now work on the belt and bag to go with it. Back to sewing over the weekend at my consulting rate — I must be the highest prices seamstress around.

The afternoon was spent tracking down component suppliers and I managed to find a source up by DancingBear’s house in north Seattle that actually stocks all the pieces we need, which really blew me away — besides the fact that the place is filled with pretty hippy boys.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting a colony of sugar ants out of my portable ice machine… really, how gross. Drain, purge, dry — hopefully I won’t have to get the air gun out as well. I might have to just keep it running all the time since they seem to like the moisture when it’s turned off… which eventually will me getting a new “ice full” sensor … at least that is user replaceable, but not orderable online.

Finished cleaning the machine in time for cocktail hour. I spent part of my time in Ireland trying to convince Jeff and Mindy that they needed to get one of these (105 pounds with 15 pound shipping).

Dinner tonight was a thin steak and some salad and the remainder of last night’s bottle of wine. Somehow I can only manage to drink ½ a bottle of wine when dining alone.

Prepped main courses for Seaside and Olympia dinners before heading to bed.

Long day of driving tomorrow.


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The Ice Machine That Is.

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