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Mar '11

Hello Seaside.

Another early morning out of bed — maybe I’m turning into my long dead grandmother who only slept 4 hours a night at the end of her 102 years.

Round two of ice machine ant cleaning (this time I just going to leave the machine on and freeze the bastards), a little work in the morning combined with packing for a quickie overnight in Seaside, Oregon on the way to poker in Olympia, Washington — yeah, I know, it’s not really on the way, but I figured that it was an excuse to get laid.

Left a little before noon (check-in at 4) with stops in Lacey for groceries and gas, Olympia to drop off food for tomorrow night (and some 30% meat in the freezer), Swenson for a little chicken and onto Seaside to exactly hit check-in time.

Nice room — I think this is the first time I’ve stayed on the north side of the condo. Big deck!

Had a nice afternoon roll on the sheets before making a BBQ pork dinner with salad and mashed potatoes for the boy and I.

Unfortunately he needed to be back home (his) tonight so it was a 9pm run north to Walgreens (for photos he had waiting) and then back to his place.

Better than nothing.


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