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Mar '11

Productive Day

Today is prototype day – the day to rework the Boltage™ prototype and design and sew a bag to hold the electronics. Last week I found a great source for webbing, elastic, hardware for this project and tons of stuff for non-work projects – anyone want to make a tent? Check out Seattle Fabrics – they are just up Aurora near DancingBear’s house – who is coming to dinner tonight, just FYI.

Here are some production shots of the bag:


In the final product it will have the Boltage™ logo on it, but I happened to have a stick-on embroidery patch from the Boston Wine Expo a couple of years ago lying around the kitchen. There are more production shots, but they are boring – more like documentation on how I made it so I can replicate or resize it going forward.

And while I had the sewing machine out I fixed my jacket pocket and replaced the straps on my day pack – all while working on some rosemary challah dinner rolls to go with the steaks and baked potatoes tonight. Like I said, a productive day. Maybe it was that hour that I lost due to Daylight Savings Time.

And now to test whether the system has finally stopped making mincemeat of my uploads from Word to WordPress. For the last couple of days it’s been auto-buggering colons, apostrophes, ellipsis, em dashes, all the symbols that give meaning to sentences.

Let us pray.


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