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Mar '11

Of Scholarship And Red Meat.

Wonderful toast this morning  — from the loaf of bread I made last night. Unusual in that my challah generally doesn’t make good old regular toast — French Toast yes, regular, not so much. I love ripping into those bright yellow yolks and watching it drip from the bread. Yum.

With a late lunch went the last of the chicken with molé sauce over saffron rice — two more containers out of the fridge and into the dishwasher.

A little work before the representatives from Evergreen show up — it’s a meet and great, a changing of the guard, a status report on my endowment and what it will kick off in grants this year, and a dumping on me of 15 scholarship applications for the Mark Stephen Souder Scholarship for Information Dissemination. More information here: http://www.evergreen.edu/scholarships/scholarships/souder.htm

Nice hour and a half meeting — always nice when they don’t ask for more money (that I don’t have).

Pan-fried steak with a big salad for dinner — Evergreen chocolate mints for dessert (too many).

Mostly packed for the Trans-Canada trip next Tuesday, which is good since I’ve got company coming for the weekend (and maybe next week).


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