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Mar '11

Back To The Dinner Party Circuit. Part Three.

Package at the apartment, the first of the two phone shipments, or is it three if you count the set of five connectors that are coming.

Spent the rest of the afternoon getting the MagicJack up and running. MagicJack basically allows you to plug in a regular landline phone into your computer and basically routes the call over the internet. It also lets you choose which area code you want. Me, I picked Manhattan. Now the website for Studio 403 has three phone numbers on it: Seattle, Santa Fe and New York City.

The other addition to the silly phone network in the house is to get the phone to actually ring. The old Western Electric phones need tons of amperage to make the bells ring, but I found a modern cordless phone in the garage (in my big box of phones) that has an electronic ringer, which is working nicely.

Tomorrow the 30-button phone arrives, but alas, I’ll be out of the country.

Tonight’s dinner party is a potluck down the street. My contributions are a seriously non-kosher pupu platter of pork and shrimp each with a dipping sauce, a couple of loaves of French bread hot from the oven, and a nice salad.

And once again, I forgot to take pictures. Maybe once I’m in Canadaland I’ll get some photos for the blog. But that’s tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow and the blog, there will probably be lapses in postings since I’ll be on the train from Tuesday to Saturday.



2 Responses to “Back To The Dinner Party Circuit. Part Three.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    did you get my email? re: laminator?

  2. markso Says:

    Yes, responded via email from phone. Said try Galen at the company that is on the sticker for the smaller laminator. On the road in CanadaLand so wireless very limited int he mountains.