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Mar '11

Red Letter Day.

Well, maybe no red, but it was a good day at the mail box — three pieces:

  • Morgan Stanley junk mail, right into the trash
  • Letter from my buddy in prison who I haven’t heard from in a couple of months
  • My IRS refund check, the first in probably 10 years

Spent the day running around for groceries and to put the check in the bank, too funny that I just transferred money into checking this morning and paid all the remaining monthly bills. Guess this means I’ll have a running start on next months.

The rest of the day was spent working on getting a new account set up with PayPal for the summer gathering that I’m the co-host for — it will be a first for this rather tradition bound group. Imagine being able to email in your registration and pay using PayPal®, how modern. I even made some custom PayPal® buttons for the site:

After a dinner of boneless pork loin chops, a potato pancake and some salad I got most of the flyer and registration form done. Still on the list are to make the form into a submittable PDF, design the website, get the buttons hosted, link the bank account to the PayPal® account. Luckily the gathering isn’t until August.

I guess that leaves the Boltage research on adhesives until tomorrow. Maybe I should have done the billable hours work first!

Update on my father’s aggressive prostate cancer — seems it is stable, aggressive but stable, oddly contradictory. They are adding new drugs to the regimen and will check back in 3 months. Check back at the end of June for more news.


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