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Apr '11

Weird Job Assignment.

So, last Thursday (the 31st of March) I stumbled across this tidbit in the South Park Yahoo Group posting:

Want to make $16 an hour sitting on a fake plane in Boeing Field for

Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:18 am (PDT)

It doesn’t sound fun to me, honestly, but it does sound like easy work. Consider it pay-back for listening to the planes in the summer.

Here is the link for you Seattle folks who want to give up a day for a $150 Visa Gift Card, and be stuck in a plane for 6+ hours, with beverages and lunch served:


Really, how’s that for a weird way to spend a day. But that’s what I’m doing on the 27th of April.

It being Boeing Field, my first thought was that it would be testing a mock-up of an updated 737 interior, but there are also the new 787 and the Intercontinental 747-8, both of which are entering commercial service soon. I guess time will tell.

As for the evening, an email at around 5 got me scrambling… Suddenly I had dinner company coming, then another, then another. Time to try out running two bread machines a one to attempt to make a marble rye bread. It sort of worked, though I think using the rolling pin knocked too much of the rise out of it. Looks like more croutons are coming down the pike.

Add a little BBQ’d chicken and pork, a pot of rice, a salad, too much wine and you have a fine meal nonetheless.

In some ways it reminded me of my old days working at Microsoft… work all day then run home and throw a dinner party.



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