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Apr '11

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings.

Breakfast delayed this morning for an hour conference call. Hey, billable hours are billable hours even if you are in your robe and craving breakfast.

Noon meeting about another project which included a pulled pork sandwich from The Barbeque Pit in the Central District. One pulled pork sandwich with a glass of wine with the client and I’m in a food coma, but no time to take a nap because it’s time for a run to Seattle Outdoor Fabrics for more manufacturing materials including loop (as in hook and loop or Velcro®) neoprene which should be fun to try and run through the sewing machine.

I managed a “power nap” before the 5pm news cycle but not sure if it’s really enough. It might be like last night when I was in bed by 10pm.

Dinner was BBQ’d pork chops and salad. Thinking of tomorrow’s dinner with JesusEric and what the hell to prepare for a lactose intolerant vegetarian. Might as well be vegan.

The evening project is trying to install a couple of 10-outlet power strips to wrangle all the cords under my desk, which means that I have to break down all the crap on the desk, vacuum, rewire stuff, try and get the scanner on the desk. Much dust, much sneezing, and the office is still a mess. Boxes of stuff that I need to go through.

On the upside, the miles from my return trip from Cabo are in the account, and at the end of April, I’m now an Alaska MVP through 2012. Of course, I’m shooting for MVP Gold. What pushed me over the edge was the paid first class ticket to Cabo and the $99 coupon split with Rich. Now I just have to figure out how to spend 135,000 frequent flier miles. Maybe Egypt?

Another day of errands tomorrow. Damn that being out of town for two weeks running.

And I have the Royal Wedding that starts at 1am!


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