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Apr '11

Another Busy Day.

I stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding last night while working on/in the office — ¬†only to fall asleep with the TV on before the “big moment”. Luckily it was on instant replay on every channel for the rest of the day. I guess that means I still have a chance of snagging Prince Harry (the cuter one by the way).

Three new prototype belts and one bag was how I spent the morning, then errands, which included running the prototypes to the post office. Never go to Costco on a Friday afternoon. It was a twenty minute wait for gas. Luckily, at least the pharmacy line was non-existent. I even ran into Misha in the parking lot!

I did manage to squeeze in a 20-minute power nap before the news and cocktail hour.

6pm Eric and Brandon showed up for a vegan dinner. Yes, I can cook vegan. No, I did not cook the vegan guests on the grill.

Sort of a Japanese themed stir-fry over saffron rice. Japanese eggplants, baby bok choy, straw mushrooms, broiled tofu cubes, fresh ginger, garlic. Actually it was pretty damn good, as was the Nigori Sake (unfiltered) that we drained a magnum of.

Great conversation, great food, great fun.


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