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May '11

My One Day Home.

Nice to be home. Not nice that the first load of wash I do results in a flooded floor. Good thing I put that floor drain in. Of course the floor drain doesn’t go anywhere other than the crawl space, but it’s dirt, it will soak in.

Paging MoonSong — help. Luckily he’s available tomorrow or Wednesday to do a little snake action.

Grocery shopping, and a quiet day at home was the plan.

The reality was grocery shopping, work, move all the stuff on top of the washing machine (like the ice machine) and move the whole bar back to the kitchen. Got most of it done, the rest will have to wait until I’m back from Portland on Wednesday night, just like the rest of the office cleanup will have to wait as well. Good thing the Colonels aren’t coming until September!

A healthy dinner tonight — a stir fry of chicken breast pieces, vegetables and green onion tops. I passed on making rice, might as well start trying to cut the carbs now.

And for the quiet evening… my Manhattan Line (the MagicJack that’s connected into the 1A2 system) rang with a call from a neighbor wanting to come and hang out — something we’d been trying to arrange for weeks, but with my schedule and him now working, it finally happened. Much talk, much laughter, much drinking. Actually in the photo above you can see some of the cabling for that old-to-new phone system.

With packing I didn’t get to bed until 2am. Damn.


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