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May '11

Edisto Island, Charlotte, Newark, Seattle.

Even though the flight isn’t until a little after 12pm, being a little over an hour from the airport makes for an early morning.

Charlotte to Newark = hour late leaving, hour late getting in, I originally had a 2.5 hour layover, so no problem.

Newark to Seattle = no upgrade, but the seat next to me open, forty minutes late leaving, twenty minutes early getting in, guess there was a spare hour (and a tail wind).

Interesting tidbit from the Newark/Seattle flight: a bunch of the members of the Mountlake Terrace High School Jazz Ban on their way back from the Essentially Ellington Competition in New York City over the weekend of the 14th. For more information, click on the banner I swiped from their site:

Two Seattle area high schools placed in the top three (Roosevelt High School at number two and Mountlake Terrance at number three) and two Florida schools taking First and Honorable Mention. Oddly (for me and Jill) Garfield High School didn’t seem to be entered, and they routinely run away with national honors including Ellington 1st Places in 2003, 2004 and 2009. It is an invitation festival so who knows. Garfield is participating in several other festivals (Lionel Hampton, Reno) this year.

Another interesting tidbit from that same flight — the flight attendant refused to let the wife of the guy int he middle bulkhead seat join him because “people in this row paid more to sit here” — because the plane was oversold he got split from his wife and put into the “premium” row. Personally, I was happy to have the center seat free when he moved to the window seat, but I did have some sympathy for him (told him it was a $60-80 upcharge).

The reasons for all the delays in flights today was nasty rain storms in the Northeast. When I checked in they asked if I wanted $300 in future travel for my seat. HELL YES, just get me home at some point. Unfortunately with weather, enough people missed their connections that it wasn’t needed. DAMN.

I got back to the house a little after 9pm to meet Surf Betty to look at his new glass blowing projects. He hasn’t blown glass in 23 years so his failure rate was higher than he’d like on the goblets he was making for a nieces wedding.

After that is was deal with the mail and worry about tomorrow. Time to fix the slow leak on the passenger side front tire, do some laundry, pack for the next trip, fix the lawn mower, find someone to push it since I have grass allergies, and basically try and put the house back together.

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2 Responses to “Edisto Island, Charlotte, Newark, Seattle.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    When is the next trip?

  2. markso Says:

    CanadaLand Tomorrow. Faerie Gathering. Long Weekend.