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May '11

Uncle Markie Goes All Butch.

Early to bed, early to rise, it might be that three hour difference that my body is feeling.

Early text to Surf Betty, he left his list of measurements for my martini glasses and pilsners that he blew 20+ years ago, brought him by early before work.

Then deal with all the email, the news, the shower, in an effort to get the car to the tire shop before 10 so I can have it for the afternoon. The downside of having the South Park Bridge closed (one of MANY) is that I have to drive through the industrial area of south Seattle which are loaded with crap that falls off junk trucks, and gets stuck in my tires. Apparently Surf Betty and his ex-wife also suffered from the same issues when their studio was in Georgetown (north of South Park, across the Duwamish River see below).

The grey area at the bottom right hand side is Boeing Field on the East side of the river (the Duwamish). The grey area on the left of the river is the “sliver by the river” that Seattle refused to annex when it grabbed South Park because it didn’t want the South Park Bridge, a known decrepit bridge even 50 years ago. My house is just to the left of the left grey section near the top of the small diagonal street known as Dallas Avenue. Click on the map and you will be transported magically via the big interweb to the City of Seattle site describing all the Seattle neighborhoods. I find it cute that the map is truly up to date since it doesn’t show the South Park Bridge.

So what’s all this butch stuff about, it’s not like I changed that tire. No, but I did fix the lawn mower which died before my latest couple of trips. Took apart the safety switch on the handle (it’s electric). Nope. Damn. 12 screws to take off the cover over the electric motor. Look! A wire that had burnt out. That would be an important wire, one of the two that goes to the brushes. Time for the soldering iron and a really sloppy joint, but luckily there is a plastic plate that bolts over it to keep it in place.

Next up, since I’ve got it up on the deck and it’s sunny, time to sharpen the blade. And what better to sharpen a blade, my Kirby vacuum cleaner with its Handy Butler attachment which has a knife sharpener (too small) and a grinding wheel (perfect) in addition to a tap for a flexible shaft drill bit (which I reamed out the holes on all the stove burners during its rehabilitation).

I haven’t used this (ever, I think) as a vacuum, but it makes a great portable bench grinder. And CHEAP.

Scrambled eggs and DVD’s for Rich’s mother followed, then out the door to the apartment to check for packages, a stop for BBQ ribs at 26th and Cherry (1/2# for $7.50, which was 7 ribs for me, 3 saved for later), a tour of possible buildings for rent for another project, a business meeting with Jimmy at EVS held between visits from wine wholesalers… let’s see, two samples from number one, four samples from number two, two from number three, six from number four… maybe I should have been spitting. Then groceries and a swing back to the buildings for pictures and second impressions, finally ending up back at home feeling like I really need a nap. Oh well.

A quiet dinner tonight with me, myself, and I. Halibut over a bed of wilted spinach. Well, that was the thought until I started freezing stuff from the Safeway 30% off rack… I decided on the left over ribs sauted with a little bacon and red wine vinegar.

And an evening of packing for the next trip, well trying to, more like stacking things next to the suitcase. Crap. I needs sheets and a blanket.

No time in the morning since the Landscape Dude comes to tame the lawn with the newly fixed lawnmower.


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