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May '11

Faerie Camp, Day Two.

The sunshine of yesterday has been replaced by liquid sunshine… no wait, overcast and drizzle is really what it is.

Wow, this really isn’t Breitenbush (home of the gathering that I have most often gone to). Breakfast is scrambled eggs, sausage (with real pork in it), hash browns and fruit salad… and COFFEE. And tons of everything. No running out of the main dish at these meals.

The downside is that after that heavy breakfast I went back to bed. So much for Heart Circle (search on Heart Circle in comments for description).

Lunch was a tomato basil soup with these wonderful melted cheese, turkey, and tomato on a bagel, I went back for seconds.

Dinner was scalloped potatoes with ham. Again, more seconds.

A little croquet after dinner, and an early bed for me. Pictures will come on the last day. No way to upload here.

The gathering is an interesting mix of old faeries and first time faeries and among the “elder” faeries, a couple from the early days, even before me.

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