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May '11

Faerie Camp, Day Three.

Bacon, waffles, hot strawberries, whipped cream for breakfast. Who knows what I will weigh when I get home.

Did the shower thingee after breakfast, using the shirt from the first day as a towel. Roughing it in the woods.

And the aforementioned (well, yesterday) Heart Circle from 10:30-12:30 or for me… I made it until about noon. It’s not rude if you leave between speakers. I had problems at Microsoft with meetings that last over an hour, apparently I’m not over my inability to hold focus for more than an hour.

For lunch it was chili, vegetables and dip, chips, salsa. Damn, this isn’t Breitenbush, there was MEAT in the chili!

Having missed my morning nap, it was time for an afternoon nap. It wasn’t until after I was on the last of my final cocktails, made from whiskey and Diet Coke… with no ice, that I found behind the bathroom complex… an ice machine stocked with 40 pound bags of ice. Just hours too late. Had I not gone on a little walk up one of the trails and discovered a giant old growth tree I wouldn’t have notices the big box labeled “ICE” on the return walk.

Dinner was mashed potatoes, sliced roast beef, carrots … but no salad. Wanted salad. Need greens.

After dinner was the talent/no-talent show. The talent/no-talent show is a staple of the Faerie Gathering. Poetry, music, drag, dance, skits… I guess you will have to wait until I post the pictures tomorrow or the next day.

With all the fresh air from the mountains I’ve been going to bed around 10pm, which isn’t really like me, but tonight it was delayed with the notice of impending death and or dementia of someone I’ve known for 30 years, but not on a regular basis. It still isn’t easy.

And it didn’t make getting to sleep easy tonight.

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