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May '11

ClearWire SUCKS!

The promise of “the tower will be fixed within 24 hours” turns out to be patently false. For most of today my connection has been up about 20 minutes out of every two hours. I bit the bullet and signed on with Qwest-CenturyLink for their 7mbps service after enduring a connection from ClearWire that has slowly deteriorated over the last two and a half months. It was so bad that I finally just tethered my cell phone to my laptop.

New service live on Friday after I pick up the modem at the apartment.

The downside of tethering? It means that when I went to go print postage (which requires an internet connection) I’d have to print the envelope, then log-on to the wi-fi in the house, then log off to print the next one since it wasn’t capable of dealing with two signals at once.

Other than a frustrating computer day I got a couple of samples generated for one of my clients offering a couple of different adhesive options, moved a bunch of stuff out of the office and hallway in preparation for guests coming in from out of town, and invited myself to dinner at DancingBear’s place with the excuse of dropping off the call to be posted and mailed.

Apparently strange things happen when I invite myself to dinner… it turns into a full blown Memorial Day BBQ for eight. Luckily the challah I brought was separated into eight rolls, not that we needed them with the rice, potato salad, baked beans, brisket, burgers, two types of sausage, regular salad, and I assume I’m forgetting something. Quite the spread. Thanks DB!

My plan to pack for the trip to Reno before dinner got put off until after dinner with all the internet delays. It will be amusing to see what I show up in Reno with — I do remember packing a bunch of frozen meat.



3 Responses to “ClearWire SUCKS!”

  1. Swanda Says:

    How interesting we both started off really liking Clearwire and both ran from it in the end!

  2. Corey Tidwell Says:


    I would like to welcome you to Qwest/CenturyLink we appreciate your business. If you ever have any questions or need help send us and email talktous@qwest.com, find us on Twitter or Facebook.


    Corey Tidwell

  3. markso Says:

    WOW, now that is either good customer service or just plain scary. Talk about a proactive customer service approach so monitoring blogs.