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Jun '11

Tahoe-Carson City-Reno-Seattle-International District-South Park.

And early breakfast with Jameson and the babe — 8:15am, which is good because I have a flight back to Seattle this afternoon.

Out of the condo at 11 with a stop in Carson City for lunch, and to do the train museum located there, but somehow when I got to the parking lot I’d lost my momentum to go in. Maybe I needing an nap, which I also didn’t get.

Next stop is the Sierra Trading Company Outlet Store, and just like before the Grand Canyon Raft Trip of years ago, I found nothing at a price that I was willing to pay. And the same at the Goodwill across the highway. Just not my day.

Headed to the airport with hours to spare, got the car turned in (saving $20 since I didn’t need the extra hours on the rental with my delayed arrival on Tuesday), and went to check in. Or went to TRY and check in. With limited flights the counter didn’t open until 3 so I was surprised when someone actually showed up at 2:15.

Gambled a little. Put in $5, cashed out at $9.25, then got bored later and lost the four singles. Up 25 cents.

Flights on time, be crowded, but not crowded enough to bump me. Damn, it really isn’t my day.

Finished Running With Scissors on the flight home, what an ODD, ODD memoir. Trying to think who to pass this on to, possibly Swanda.

Speaking of Swanda, I swung by the apartment to pick up four packages and hang out with Rob and Jodie for a bit before heading home to start installing various bits and pieces of today’s arrivals.

The most important piece? The new Qwest DSL modem. With not much trouble I got it set up, names and logins changed, and most importantly changed its IP address to match all the network printers that I have connected. Simpler than changing all the printers. So, by the time that David Letterman was done with his monologue I was done with the installation.

How’s my speed doing?

Old ClearWire setup:

  • 3.95 mbps down, .48 mbps up

New Qwest setup:

  • 6.15 mbps down, .73 mbps up

Not as fast as Swanda’s cable set-up (but twice my old speed):

  • 16.08 mbps down, 2.18 mbps up

Now, if I hadn’t broken the handle on the washer/dryer off, but that will be an adventure for tomorrow.

That done, time for bed.

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