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Jun '11

Dinner With Swanda.

A full day of work, most of it unpaid unfortunately. Most of the day was given over to getting the Summer Gathering ducks in a row with deciding on Access or to just modify the current Excel files. I went with modifying the current mailing list spreadsheet to include summer gathering financial information. Means only one file to update/change addresses on, and means that the photo directory should be error free. Now if I can just get DancingBear to get the electronic call out in the mail.

Picked up a package at Swandas before joining him for dinner with him, and the sheets from my bed. Yes, I’m during laundry while cooking dinner for us. The package I picked up is a new door handle for my washer/dryer combo. An expensive $40 plus $12 shipping, all for some Italian plastic and metal bits. Though, as Ken who is the maintenance manager for the apartments said, $40 is cheap in the world of appliance parts.

Dinner was a stunning broiled Cooper River Salmon with a sort of Greek-style salad on the side (tomatoes, cucumbers, but a blue cheese vinaigrette dressing). Yum, yum, yum.

Got home around 9pm and started to work on fixing the dryer door… two tries later, I gave up and dropped a note to the company asking for help.


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