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Jun '11

Blowing SurfBetty.

OK! Blowing WITH SurfBetty.

6am alarm. Well, OK, that means I’m not happy.

Out of the house at 6:45am for a couple of Sausage Burritos from McDees to nosh on the road.

8:15am to 6:45pm in the studio being trained to be a “glory hole bitch” ¯ OK, that’s my phrase. The “glory hole” is the opening with much big flame from which all things arrive.

Here’s a great little video of SurfBetty making martini glasses with me as the assistant:

I didn’t get home until 8pm, didn’t get a steak into me until 9:30pm, which meant I stayed up late.


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OK! Blowing WITH SurfBetty.

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