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Jun '11

Dinner And Drinks With SurfBetty.

I should have spent the day working on concepts for a client’s launch site, but didn’t. I did get the gathering registrations up to date and made a couple of stunning loaves of bread:

Fresh from the oven.

SurfBetty was running a little late from one of his clients and didn’t show up until 7:30, but did show up with a box full of all the stemware that we blew yesterday.

Three tall ones, seven short ones, and an orphaned bowl from a bad punte removal. No word on final pricing (assume north of $50) yet so if any of you loyal fans want a martini glass that Uncle Markie helped craft, get those wallets ready as we’ll be blowing again on Saturday.

Dinner was a couple of veal loin chops, oven roasted potatoes, a big salad, a bottle and a half of red and much good conversation, as usual.

Another late night.


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