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Jun '11

Hello, Vancouver.

I was pretty well packed by the time CaddyDaddy showed up at 10:30. Breakfast we in my, so out the door we went, destination: Vancouver, BC and the WorldMark Vancouver at The Canadian.

A stop at duty-free (one bottle of Alberta Springs Rye Whiskey and one Balenie Double Wood single-malt scotch) before encountering something I’ve never seen before. The line in the Nexus lane was longer than the other five open lines, mind you only 3 cars in front of me and it went quickly, but I’d never had amusement of Nexus having more cars queued up.

Our lunch spot was a place I’d seen before but never stopped to try: Kaplan’s Star Deli on Oak across from the Lubvitch Centre.

A serious New York deli in Vancouver. Damn tasty.

After picking up a couple of bottles of red wine and a pint of vodka (for the bloody marys in the morning) and stocking up on the rest of the groceries for the trip at Safeway, off to the condo were we for a 3:15 early check-in to our two-bedroom, two bath compact unit. They are all compact units. A couple of the units don’t even have a dining area and they provide TV trays.


Tonight’s dinner company is Hummingbird and BamBam, and the meal is broiled tri-tip, pepper-roasted garlic bread, and a big salad. Damn fine.

Chatted into the evening, and even got BabBam to donate some artwork for the photo directory cover for the summer gathering. Humorously, they also gave me their registration to the gathering since Canada Post is on strike.


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  1. Obaging Says:

    Nice destination Uncle Markie!