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Jun '11

Of Lawns And DVDs.

With the lawn wet in the morning, I spent the time putting the finishing touches on the new living room drinking shrine:

I still have to put the wires into sleeves (thinking of sewing some Velcro closer ones), and the ORIGNAL idea was that the ice maker would go on the counter for “one-stop-drinking”, but:

  1. Turns out I mounted the TV too low
  2. There would be no room for the bottles

The ice maker is on the counter behind the wall the TV is mounted on.

By the time I got to the lawn, the dark clouds were rolling in again, just finished the mowing as the sprinkles began, so much for weed-eating/edging, maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was a chicken vegetable soup from some toasted olive bread. It was stock that I made from the half chicken. The rest I froze into “pucks”, each one which equals ½ cup.

After dinner it was another living room chore. Updating the database of G-NC17 DVDs in the 300 DVD player and getting them loaded. That player is now up to 239 movies (and the random “extras” disc).

At least I got to bed at a decent time.


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