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Jun '11

Dinner With Jill.

Got the lawn trimmed up today… in three chucks. Trim, read novel, trim, read novel, trim.

Had a long call with the HOPE folks about getting a refinance on the house. Paperwork on hold wil I scrounge up some more regular income.

With the new martini glasses, guess that means we have to have martinis! And look what Jill noticed in the fridge:

Really. Stuffed Queens. I’ll have to remember that for the next time there is more than one queen for dinner. And speaking of that dinner, here the best of the shots, even showing the martini glasses in action:

Though actually we were having Gimlets, and ribs, and salad, and wine.

Followed dinner with a viewing of the Peter Sellars movie: Casino Royale, a 007 spoof from the 60’s.


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