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Jul '11

Deck Damn Near Done.

Another day of dealing with the deck. Nothing like a bunch of people coming over to get you off your butt and onto the lift.

By noon the table was built:

Then a run to Homo Depot to Grocery Outlet to get a hammock for the deck for when it’s just me in the loft. Only one major problem: what I thought were hammocks yesterday turned out to be hanging chairs. Oh well. Just to see what was new, swung by Earthwise which is a house parts store, but in the past they’ve had interesting vintage electrical stuff like my Charlie’s Angel speaker phone that restarted my phone craze. Today’s TOTALLY COOL find even though it means more work on the deck:

How cool will that be when I get that mounted as the up/down switch for the lift. Of course, now I need to run 12v to the panel so that the lights work as well.

In other adventures I unpack the cot/tent combo so see how easy it would be to set up. I didn’t actually attempt the tent, but getting the cot set up was a snap.

Add a little cornmeal breaded tilapia for dinner:

And you have a fine evening meal.

Rest o the evening spent dicking around with the registration database. It seems that we had over 200 email bounces from the first email campaign so I had to pull the report and now am manually going through our database cleaning it up. The thankless jobs a Queens Registrar is forced to do.


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  1. Swanda Says:

    Note mis-date of entry.