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Jul '11

The Return To Calm.

With the Canadian and US birthdays over, it’s time to get back to the grind stone and finish up a business plan and logo for on on-going project that while not lining my pocket at the moment, it should going forward.

It’s a marvelously sunny week here in Seattle. What a rarity. It’s enough to make one mindlessly spend the afternoon running errands with the top down.

  • Apartment to pick-up tooth brush heads from Amazon
  • Jimmie’s to drop off printed documents and strategize
  • Lowe’s to check out charcoal prices ($7.90 for a 16# bag — NOT a good sale) and have a Chicago Bratwurst from their stand
  • Home Depot, again on a charcoal hunt ($7.99 for TWO 20# bags — NOW THAT IS A SALE, bought two sets)
  • Liquor store because Evan Williams 1.75ltr. is on sale this month
  • Bank to drop off Boltive check

That didn’t leave me with much in the way of nap time… but I’m finding 15-30 minutes is nice and refreshing.

As for dinner, think leftovers. Think leftover chicken for the next several days.

Rest of the evening was spent on the Summer Gathering details — popping people in cabins. I have all but like 8 people unassigned, waiting for people they want to stay with to register. It’s filling up nicely — we are down to mostly double beds, so many people are going to get lucky and have one to themselves.

Today’s picture courtesy of Wonderful wanting a high-res copy of a picture from our Hawaii cruise in January of 2007. It’s a shot of me making “coffee” in the morning:

Where do I put the water in?


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  1. Wonderful Says:

    You DIDN’T!!!!