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Jul '11

Sunday Roast In South Park.

No, it’s not that hot in Seattle, I’m talking about a Sunday RoastĀ — a big old chunk of meat in the oven.

A nice article about South Park in the Sunday Seattle Times for any of you interesting in what my neighborhood is like:


It is true about it feeling like a multi-ethnic Norman Rockwell kind of place. Neighbors watch out of each other, smile and wave. But the comments are all over the map about crime statisticsĀ — depends on which chunk of the neighborhood you are in.

So, that Sunday Roast was a Caribbean spice pork roast and salad that I shared with Wonderfool who showed up with a nice bottle of white. Lots of gossip about who’s going to the gathering, who doesn’t want to room with whom (Wonderfool’s list was long, but it didn’t need a separate sheet of paper). By tomorrow we will be full and starting to take waitlist names while I browbeat the people who are slated in but missing payments. Oh the joys of being the point person Queens Registrar as opposed to the one who just deposits the checks and lines up all the folks to handle the heart circles, auction, talent show, fashion show hosts. That end of stuff isn’t my specialty.

Off to bed.


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