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Jul '11

One Project Wrapping Up.

And, Wait, Another Project On The Horizon.

This morning about noon I closed registration to the gathering by turning off the PayPal link page, redoing the web site, and sending out announcements on the NWRadFae, FaceBook, BushFaerie lists. And then I got the daily mail (after a run to Jimmies to drop off printed paperwork and an example of “extreme wine sampling”) to find more checks and registrations. More juggling and phone calls and everybody has a place to stay.

The Gathering if FULL, and from here on, it’s ONE OUT, ONE IN. Gee, do I should like I’ve reached my limit. Yes.

While I was on my run to Jimmies’ place, I stopped back by EarthWise to pick up a sauna heater with my $10 off coupon (off $65 purchase). Yet another project! The sauna heater unit (70’s, but without rocks):

The space that it MIGHT go into, next to the hot tub:

Wow, it’s like the Capital Hill house all over again… if the Capital Hill house and amenities was wool, and I washed it an put it in the dryer.

A quiet dinner with me, some lamb chops and salad.

And the evening was spent finishing up of gathering paperwork and making a “devil’s deal” with my sauna/hot tub/stove repairman who will visit after the gathering to evaluate the sauna heater and adjust the “free” Wolfe range oven thermostat that he put in on his last trip north.


The people that make my life work:

  • MoonSong: Maid, plumber, concrete worker, masseuse, electrician
  • H20Blanco: Hot-tub/sauna/stove repair guy

Wow, I’m a lucky guy.


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And, Wait, Another Project On The Horizon.

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