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Jul '11

Dinner with DB & BM.

Another typical Seattle summer day, it can’t make up its mind if it is going to be sunny, cloudy, or dripping.

Spent the day tidying up gathering stuff, picked up paper for the cover (which will be printed oversize and then trimmed so it bleeds on all four sides) and started cleaning up the house getting ready for tomorrow’s British vistors.

I don’t know when the last time I actually saw the coffee table with room for coffee! It also provides a reasonably safe place for the talisman until I get boxes built for them.

Dinner tonight is with DancingBear (DB) and BreticusMaximus (BM):

Marinated roasted turkey breast, roasted potatoes, challah rosemary dinner rolls and a big green salad. A little more starch than I like, but those boys do love their carbs.


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One Response to “Dinner with DB & BM.”

  1. mb Says:

    I hope the British invasion is going well. Thanks again for the ride! You complete me. IJLY