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Jul '11

Brits Day Three.

Mostly On Their Own.

Another late night. Bottom line, breakfast closer to dinner.

The boyz are headed into the city on their own, on the bus, goddess help them.

Some silly pictures from the last night (no wonder I took a nap after they left for the city):

OK ¯ that was creative editing of pictures. Apparently we are ALL having way to much fun, and everyone’s clothes are still on.

So, Max came back from the city with a guitar and case so he can record a “road album”, and returned to me smoking a rack of ribs on the grill to give them a taste of the US, or at least the US Midwest:


It was an early night for the boyz as they are leaving tomorrow, and with jet-lag and lack of sleep… Max crashed at 9pm, Mike at 10pm, me at midnight.

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Mostly On Their Own.

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