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Jul '11

Swandalihish Dining.

Ah, a quiet house again. An office that I can actually use. Peace.

More Madrona Wine Merchants stuff today, thing logo revisions and tax consequences (no, not of the logo). Three more possibilities:

Now it’s out to “committee”. The joys of multiple opinions, but it’s all for the better good.

And I took another print project to the “formerly known as Kinkos” for a little trim. It’s the front and back cover for the upcoming gathering:

Sorry that I had to “blur” parts of it, not that this is a “family” blog, but still.

A package run to the apartment, then a little business meeting about the client that is still in my life after firing them a year ago, then cocktails, then a lime basil tilapia dinner with a big salad, then home to try various version of merging directory records and photos. At least I’m learning new skills!

Talk about a geek evening (well, except for the gourmet meal).



3 Responses to “Swandalihish Dining.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Top on = ick.
    Middle = OK, but could be challenging at times to duplicate.
    Bottom = Yes and the glass looks a lot like the one’s you made and thus good promotional material.

    Dinner was lovely and thank you!

  2. Michael Says:

    I also agree that the bottom one is best (double entendre intended). One question: Did you try slimming the “W” so that the “bottom” of the “glass” also looks like it contains wine? Or is that just too weird?

  3. Ballroom Says:

    I like the second one the best. Perhaps with the glass a bit more to the right and clear of the text!